Commitment to the Environment/ Sustainability

Certified to ISO 14001:2015

Regson Fabrication is committed to preventing pollution wherever possible and will ensure that, as well as optimising new fabricated products, fabrication and welding services, and processes to facilitate this prevention, existing systems and processes are also reviewed in order to identify areas for pollution prevention.



Our highly specialised team of iron, steel and aluminium fabricators have minimised our environmental impact by:


  • Installation of 10kw Solar System.
  • Recycling our metal.
  • Introducing bins to recycle our paper, glass and plastic.
  • Reducing our bulk waste.
  • Reducing unnecessary staff travel and encouraging carpooling.
  • Increasing staff involvement in our fabrication company’s vision.
  • Using green star chemicals with low VOC levels where there is a substitute that is equivalent.
  • Introducing Green Procurement.
  • Recycling our solvent.
  • Installing a rainwater tank to service our toilets and wash basins.
  • Completing a Sustainability Report on the company’s activities which provides recommendations for sustainable practice.


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ISO Environment Certification Regson Fabrication