Commitment to Quality

Certified to ISO 9001:2015

At Regson Fabrication we strive to achieve first class quality and dependable performance on all our services and products because we have implemented an organised system that emphasises quality at every stage from product development all the way through to installation.


From initial design conception to fabrication and installation; quality is built into all Regson Fabrication products.


In early 2011 Regson Fabrication recognised the needs of our customers to have a better system to control all aspects of our documents, so we purchased a license to implement Paradigm3.


This software has been absolutely imperative in controlling all areas of our documents including:

  • Quality assurance/system management
  • Document management
  • Staff training records and management
  • Risk management
  • Environmental system management
  • Health and Safety system management




We feel that our investment of an electronic system to control our company’s documentation has made our system very reliable and completely traceable. We are confident that our customers and internal quality systems will continue to benefit from this software.

An Inspection Test Plan (ITP) is issued with every Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) for every job/ task performed by Regson Fabrication. The ITP ensures that each job is performed with precision and to the customer’s specification. This document accompanies the job/ task from conception through to installation.


Download Our ISO Certification